Common Mistakes and Misconceptions About Interpreting and Interpreters No 3

Title 3

So when you’ll discuss these confidential documents during the conference you’ll ask the interpreters to leave? The reason you hire them in the first place is to discuss issues –confidential or not – with your foreign counterparts or delegates.

THE cornerstone of our code of conduct is CONFIDENTIALITY. We are like lawyers or priests. We take what we’ve learnt before and during a conference to our grave – unless it is made public by the conference organisers themselves.

Trust interpreters

Not allowing them to have access to documents for their preparation on the grounds that they are confidential is taking the risk of not being able to discuss these very documents/issues as efficiently as you could because your interpreters are discovering them as they interpret.

You would not dream of telling one of your speakers to come totally unprepared – and yet they are experts in their field. So why think that people who are not experts will be able to improvise on the day?