Choose your interpreting provider carefully

A consultant-interpreter can be a valuable partner for your international communication and will choose the best team of interpreters to meet your needs.

Define clearly your needs and objectives

This task can be daunting if you’re not used to recruiting interpreters. Don’t worry, your CIUK consultant-interpreter will help you find the solution best suited to your needs and budget.

Brief your consultant-interpreter

and/or your interpreters as thoroughly as possible. It is a small but worthwhile investment.

Provide preparation material to your interpreters

Make sure you send your interpreters all the documents and information to help them prepare in good time.

Avoid non-interpreter intermediaries

A lot of information, crucial to the success of your event, can be lost through intermediaries. Whenever possible, be in direct contact with your interpreter(s). They will be the ones providing the service on the day. You need to know who they are, they need to know what you need, so talk to them directly.

Make sure you hire the right equipment

Conference interpreting requires a very specific type of equipment and sound quality that not all AV equipment providers are familiar with.

Avoid low-cost equipment solutions

They can be VERY counterproductive. Even if your equipment provider assures you that a cheaper solution is technically feasible, check with your interpreters that the quality of interpreting will not be affected.

Beware of the lowest bid

If one interpreting provider gives you a quote much lower than the rest of the market, ask yourself why. The simple answer may be that they have chosen interpreters of a much lower standard (some might not even be professional interpreters!).

Monitor quality

Monitor the quality of the sound, the equipment and the interpreters. If you choose your equipment provider and interpreters carefully, everything should go smoothly. However, if you are not happy with something, discuss it with your interpreters and/or sound equipment provider immediately so that a solution can be found.

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