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About CIUK

Organising an international conference, a multilingual business meeting, a European Works Council or a face-to-face encounter?

You need Conference Interpreters UK who work at senior level with government and business figures all over the UK and abroad, covering all mainstream conference languages such as French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian and Spanish, together with Polish, Japanese, Chinese and other more exotic languages.

Why choose Conference Interpreters UK?

Because all its members belong to the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), which means that they have met stringent admission requirements involving peer sponsorship and evaluation and a strict code of ethics and confidentiality. AIIC negotiates working conditions and standards with the UN and EU.

“Conference Interpreters UK has provided us with world-class support with an interpreter who has received personal praise from Governors of Federal Subjects of Russia, the President of Iceland and the BBC”
The Arctic Circle Secretariat

How does Conference Interpreters UK operate?

  • CIUK is run by AIIC interpreters on behalf of their colleagues. We are a non-profit-making company, not an agency
  • We are a one-stop-shop where you can discuss all your language requirements with working interpreters. We will advise you on which type of interpreting you need – simultaneous, consecutive or whispering – and help you set up a team and source the right equipment.
  • We do not only deal with large meetings. Quality is essential whatever the size of the meeting.

Who are our clients?

Our members work for international, governmental and non-governmental organisations, international and national associations, European institutions, UN Agencies, the BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, trade unions, FTSE 100 companies, multinationals, law firms, foreign embassies and many other private clients.

Where do we work?

In London and all over the UK, particularly in the main UK conference destinations such as Bath, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Edinburgh Liverpool, Brighton, Bournemouth, Manchester, York, Oxford, Cambridge and Exeter. We also work outside the UK, throughout Europe, the Emirates, the Middle East, North Africa and South-East Asia.

Our Network

If you are organising an event abroad we can put you in touch with fellow members of AIIC domiciled overseas who are part of the worldwide AIIC network, providing the same guarantees of confidentiality and excellence.

CIUK Management Committee

Directors: Barbara Bethäusser-Conte, Lara Bushell
Company Secretary: Catriona Howard
Treasurer and Membership: Catherine Penther
Scheduling manager: Françoise Comte
Website editor: Mark Schofield


How do I get in touch?

Contact the office manager at Conference Interpreters UK, you will have access to a pool of skilled professional interpreters via a duty interpreter who will discuss your requirements and propose a solution.

Tel: +44 (0)20 7118 0559

Email: info@conferenceinterpreters.co.uk





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