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If you are not sure about the type of interpretation or the number of languages, do not worry, we are here to help.

We can discuss it with you and assess together your exact needs. Although we do not supply simultaneous interpretation equipment, CIUK can obtain quotes from reputable equipment suppliers with whom we work regularly.

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Conference delegates
wear headsets to listen in
the language of their choice




Smaller group? We will make
notes and interpret at frequent
intervals during the speech




For when it's
not possible to meet in person

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“For several of our recurring annual and bi-annual meetings, we strongly rely on the excellent service of CIUK to provide simultaneous interpretation of the highly technical debates into the preferred languages of our international members.”

The International Football Association Board

“No Arctic dialogue is complete without multilingual support for Russian, and CIUK has provided us with world class support with an interpreter who has received personal praise from Governors of Federal Subjects of Russia, the President of Iceland and the BBC”

Takeshi Kaji - The Arctic Circle

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