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Your first step is to consult an experienced Consultant Interpreter skilled in all the modes of interpreting described below, and equally skilled at guiding you, the meeting organiser, through the language and technical requirements that will make your meeting a success at a fair cost.

Sometimes interpreting is confused with translation which involves a written text. Some members of Conference Interpreters UK are also qualified translators although this is a very different skill. Both professions, however, require an advanced level of education, general knowledge and exceptional language skills. Conference interpreters need to prepare meetings carefully and should be provided with all the background documents available for this purpose. Conference interpreter teams always include a team leader to liaise with the conference organiser and act as coordinator


(Requires microphones, headsets, and booths)


This is standard practice at international meetings these days.The interpreter sits in a booth, listening to the speech through headphones, and translates simultaneously. Conference delegates wear headsets to listen in to the language of their choice. Interpreters normally work in a team of two or more per booth, depending on the number of active and passive languages. Here again the consultant interpreter will give expert guidance.


(no equipment is required)


This is suitable for smaller groups and entails note-taking by the interpreter and interpreting after the statement has been made.


(no equipment is required)


We can also assist with online interpreting for videoconferences, webinars and hearings, in consecutive or simultaneous mode (Remote Simultaneous Interpreting/RSI).Distance Interpreting (DI) existed prior to the Covid-19 crisis, but the increased use of teleconferencing during the pandemic has brought about changes in Conference Interpreting. DI allows interpreters to work in a hybrid setting, or remotely from a hub, with speakers and event participants being located in different venues or even countries.

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